Putting the bliss back into selling your property.......
By: Melissa Schembri
October 05, 2022

When we think about exiting or entering the property market, wellness and relaxation are usually the last emotions we're likely to feel. For most of us, the idea of listing a property makes our blood pressure rise, but Melissa Schembri has good news. "Selling your home can be a joyous experience!".

It could just be her bubbly disposition and natural penchant for positivity, but Melissa Schembri's views on what is generally synonymous with stress and worry - buying and selling property - are incredibly upbeat. And why wouldnt they be? In the past year alone, she has sold over $90 million in property (on and off-market)  and smashed multiple sales records.

Currently, she's the agent holding the highest waterfront (conjunction), highest duplex and highest residential sale price in the Sunshine Coast LGA, totalling $31.25 million for three prestigious properties. She has proven herself to be a master negotiator, providing win/win terms and solutions for hundreds of buyers and sellers.

Whilst breaking through those price ceilings again and again is wonderful for both her and her clients, she is adamant that her successful formula can be applied to any and every property on the coast, from luxurious waterfront residences to mum and dad's modest family home. The best part is that her formula removes all the stress, confusion and difficulty from what is typically a nerve-wracking process.

For Melissa, it's simple.

"Presenting each property at its' absolute best is the key to a quick, highly profitable sale. Your home is one of your most valuable assets, and it is important to ensure that is reflected in it's presentation as potential buyers walk through the door" she says.

With a carefully curated team of tradespeople and creatives, Melissa works on transforming client properties, often with very little monetary input, to obtain a maximum sale price; sometimes up to 20% above the initial appraisal.

"Clients often ask me how to achieve that Rainbow Unicorn price, and I explain to them that presentation is everything! A beautifully presented property means there is so much less resistance from buyers; they don't have to try and visualise their way around dated furnishings or tired flooring. They can view the property in it's best light and they will often put in their best offer, there and then!".

Melissa's point of difference to the growing number of other property agents on the Sunshine Coast centres around her Personal Property Concierge service, something which is free to all her clients and most importantly , has proven results. During the appraisal process, Melissa will advise clients on where money can be spent best to raise the presentation of the property. She will even provide finance options. Melissa then co-ordinates her team to clean or replace floorings, remove unnecessary furniture, organise landscaping and handyman jobs and stage and style the property. This can generally be completed within a two week period, "so that the property is at it's optimum and ready to shine by the time we reach photography.

Melissa recently applied her magical touch to a 20 year old property. With her team at hand, tiles throughout were chemically cleaned, carpet deep steamed, the dated furniture was removed and stored, landscaping was completed and professional interior staging installed.

For less than a $10,000 investment from the client, the sales price was almost 20% above the initial appraisal, equating to an increase of approximately $400,000. And the property sold within two weeks of being listed.

It may seem counter-intuitive to 'spend' when you are attempting to 'sell' for the best possible profit, but it's the winning formula that has Melissa's clients raving all the way to the bank.

"I know what buyers are looking for. I can visualise just how good that property can look, and I know what need's to be done to ahieve that".

It's not all modern sofas and clean floors though. Having multiple university degrees and ten years' experience in her own award-winning property law firm certainly helps to smooth the sometimes muddy market waters for sellers and buyers. For this delightful ray of real estate sunshine however, a record smashing sales price is not her sole objective. "I want this to be a joyous experience for my clients, and that doesn't begin and end with a sold sign".

This is an intelligent woman with a fierce sense of community, a characteristic owed in part to her Maltese heritage and a childhood spent in the tight knit town of Mackay in North Queensland: helping others is simply part of Melissa's nature.

Selling a property due to separation or marriage breakdown , over 50's downsizing to a retirement resort or even a deceased estate are indicators of greater trauma and change for people. Finesse, care and thoughtfulness is required to get the best result for everyone involved, something Melissa's free Personal Property Concierge service is specficially designed to do.

"I had one client whose mother was in palliative care, and she was trying to sell her house. We took care of everything: we deep cleaned the carpets and brought in a bond cleaner, so everything was sparkling before we staged the interior in a more modern style". Melissa even helped sell some of the client's unwanted furniture. "She was just so thankful, which is very fullfilling for me. We achieved a top price too, but knowing the process was stress-free for her was wonderful".

Despite this winning formula, there are those clients who baulk at the idea of spending money on their properties, something Melissa insists can be fine too!

At the moment I'm receiving huge demand from property developers looking for large sites, renovators, knock-downs, great views or water frontage. There's absolutely no need to refresh a property if there's something else planned for that space."

With an extensive and diverse network of motivated buyers, it seems this master negotiator has a solution for every seller.

Melissa's caring nature, attention to detail and former property lawyer knowledge make selling a home not only profitable , but enjoyable.

"I love taking the all the worry and guess work out of the sale's picture for my clients."

Who knew selling your home could be such a blissful experience? You just need Melissa by your side.

Want to take the stress out of buying or selling your property and achieve and incredible price?

Call Melissa and find out more about her Personal Property Concierge service; take advantage of her expertise with free property advice and considerate consultation. Get in contact via email - melissa@nextpropertygroup.com.au or give her a call on 0403 327 792.

Published in Matters Magazine - The Wellness Issue - April 2022

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